What are New Open Box Items?

Posted on: 24-Apr-2016

Here at Home Royalty, some of the items we sell are New Open Box Items.  So what are these items, and why should you purchase them?

All of Home Royalty’s new open box items are obtained from major retailers.  There are a few different ways items become open box items.  Either, boxes were damaged, previous customer ordered the wrong color, model and/or didn’t fit the intended space, cancelled orders, or a retailer purchased too many of an item.  Because the item is classified as open box, there may be minor cosmetic issues, such as fine scratches, small dents, however nothing major that will affect the operation of the item.  However, all items are new and have passed a full inspection.   In addition, all major appliances and electronics are backed with a full 1 year parts and labor warranty with extended warranties available.

So why should I purchase open box items?  Well for starters, there can be big savings….up to hundreds of dollars off of retail prices all because the item is classified as an open box item.   With the majority of the Home Royalty open box items in near perfect condition, and backed with a full year parts and labor warranty, why not save money?  It’s a no brainer! 

Visit our warehouse today!  We are happy to answer any questions you may have as well as show you the open box difference!


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