Roaches…. they can cost you $$$$ hundreds on Appliance Repair!!!

Posted on: 06-Apr-2016

Well, we hope you didn’t just eat lunch before ready this blog!  J/K!  Now that our disclaimer is over, lets get into today’s topic.

No one likes to talk about pest problems, especially roaches.  But did you know that your refrigerator, washer and dishwasher are prime locations for these nasty little insects to be?  Plus, if left untreated, they will cause $$$$ hundreds of dollars in damage and may ultimately lead your appliance to an early death.

So why do roaches love to make the appliances their home?  Well its simple, roaches are attracted to dark, warm places, with moisture.   And the back or underneath of your refrigerator, washer or dishwasher is prime real estate.  For major appliances, the compressor, motor and the control panels are perfect hang out spots.  The major problem with this is they can get into these major components of and destroy them by causing electrical shortages.  These types of repairs are very costly and are not covered by the manufacturer.

If you have roaches, it is recommended to call a professional to get them all removed from your house before they cause major damage and not to mention illness.  Also in the meantime you can thoroughly clean the area and vacuum any debris on the floor and in and around the appliance.  This will remove roaches and the egg cases.  Also, sprinkle a thin line of boric acid around the appliance as well as under the sink where plumbing pipes enter the kitchen.

SEND THOSE ROACHES PACKING to ensure your appliance will be with you for the long haul and not meet a tragic end!


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